Speedotron, Elinchrom, Octabank, Beauty Dish, Matthews, Avenger and more.
Download the “Master List”http://alexrjones.com/links/masterlist.zipshapeimage_2_link_0

2   2400ws packs (2403 with dial down)
3   2400ws  packs (non dial down, availability pending studio needs)
1   4800ws pack (with dial down)
10   102 heads (2400max)
1   106 VF head (4800ws max)
1   8in Drama Fresnel Light (2400max)
1   8in Strand Fresnel (4800ws max)
1   14in Speedo AddMagic Fresnel (uses 102 or 106 head)
1   28 inch MOLA ELINCHROM

2   1200ws mono heads (1200S and 1200RX)
1   Hand Control for 1200RX use with Octabank
1   600ws mono head (600S)
1   Octabank
1   MaxiSoft "beauty dish" 27.5in
2   Chimera Rings
2   6in Reflectors
1   7in Grid Reflector HOT LIGHTS

5   Red Heads 1000w
3   Solar Spots 750w
1   Strand Fresnel 2000w STANDS & BOOMS

4   High Baby (Avenger A410) with mountain leg (13'8" - 46.5")
	(2 are steel A410C and 2 are aluminum A410B)
6   High Boy aluminum (42" - 12'7")
4   Regular aluminum (36" - 8'2")
8   40 inch C stands with arms (52" - 9'9")  (3 C+, 1C)
7   20 inch C stands with arms (33" - 5'9")  (2 C+, 5C)
2   Floor stands
2   Mini Math booms (best on C Stand or High Baby, typical reach 5’) LIGHT MODIFIERS & SOFTBOXES

1  Elinchrom Octabank (requires Elinchrom or Speedo 102 head)
1  28” Mola Setti  (Speedo or ProPhoto mount)
1  Elinchrome MaxiSoft "beauty dish" 27.5in
1  Large Chimera  54x72
1  Large Chimera Strip
2  Medium Chimera 36x48
1  Small Chimera
1  Photoflex medium strip
1  Chimera Medium PanCake
1  Chimera Large PanCake
1  12 x 12   China Silk 1/6th  (very light)  I do not have a frame for it.
2  Umbrellas
2  Lg Larson Hex umbrellas (White)
1  7in Grids set
1  11in Grids set
    Various flags, scrims and silks
2  40x40 Floppies, hinge at the pin flag
1  48x48 frame with slip on covers
	Black Flag, 1/4 silk and full silk

A variety of canvases (list under development) GRIP AND MISC.

     Super Clamps
     Mini C
     Pony Clips (Sm,Med,Lg)
3   Magic Arms
     Grip arms with grip heads 20 and 40 inch
12 15# sandbags
6   35# steel shot bags
     Appleboxes    6 Full, 4  Half, 4  Quarter, 4 PanCake
     Bogen Cross Bars, various lengths can reach 21 ft total for wide canvas backgrounds
4   Bogen AutoPoles
     Magliner Sr. (stretch model)
     Film Tools Jr. computer station cart
     Remin 800 Carts  (2)
     Furniture Dolly
     Heavy Weight Drop Cloths  (nice but some paint)
     Little Giant Ladder, very versatile ladder on location List is subject to change without notice.  Items are always pending availability. MISC

Wind Machine (10" Bowens)
Apple iPod Hi-Fi (iPod "boombox") great sound
Sekonic L-608 Super Zoom Master Meter
Pocket Wizard Radios
	2 Transmitters, 2 Receivers, 1 Transceiver, various cords
Walkie Talkies
24 ft Extension Ladder
Misc lawn and garden tools
Extensive power and hand tool kits are also available to meet nearly any need. 2000W Inverter with Large (65#) Marine Battery, total weight #100, it's heavy but very effective (and quiet)  Will support 2 1200ws Elinchroms (approximately 400 flashes at 1200ws with 1 head)In combination with power from vehicle will provide continuous support.

1500W Inverter with Medium (55#) Marine Battery.  Will support G5 iMac for approximately 2 1/2 hours (not for strobes)  Inverter in combination with power from vehicle will provide continuous support.

400W Inverter for Laptops and cell phones etc.

HONDA Eu2000 generator, quiet with a sine wave output via internal inverter,  2000 watts.  Very nice unit. Medium Gitzo with Arca Mono Ball
Min 32" with regular column, Max without column extended 66"- Max with column extended 79",  Short Column and Flat Plate available

Extra Large Gitzo with Arca Mono Ball, Min. with column-Max. with out column extended - Max with column extended (specs needed),Short Column and Side Arm available.

Flat Floor Plate

Tripods can be fitted with:
Large Arca Ball - Medium Arca Ball - Bogen 410 Geared Head - Heavy Gitzo with Double Mount